Greetings from Govinda!

(He’s a little shy about his written English, but with just a little editing, here’s what Govinda has to say.)

For so long I have had the dream about building an organic eco farm.  All the experience I have had working with SADP-Nepal — working with international volunteers, starting school gardens, doing community projects, and of course gardening — will be put to work in making my dream come true.  And so will my friendships!

It’s a big risk for me to try this, but it’s a bigger risk not to.  One reason this is important to me is that I watch so many of our young people leave Nepal for work — more than 1000 every day.  They feel ashamed to do small jobs and think they can make more money abroad, but they have very hard times, even get hurt.  I want to show them they can make their own business in Nepal, have a good life, and increase the health of everyone.  MVEF can show them this.

That is just one of my goals with MVEF.

I want to send a big thank you to the MVEF internal community (specially Mary Beth), all my friends from different countries, SADP-Nepal, Village Volunteers, Fishtail Organic Garden, people who have written me references, web designer sir, my parents, and everyone directly and indirectly involved in this project.  You are all helping to create MVEF even when you are so busy.  Thank you!!