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Once you visit Nepal, you will never want to leave. The spirit of Nepal will live on within you. Nestled in the cradle of the highest mountains on Earth, Nepal is an explorer’s paradise. Imagine people born deep in the Himalayan mountains, displaying the wisdom and patience of these mountains in every smile. This is Nepal. Pokhara is an idyllic city in the Western Development Region of the Himalayan Kingdom ... Read More
We are just establishing our Eco Farm, so at this point we need more financial than physical support. But being a farm, we need physical labor too; it would be great if you have some specific knowledge in building or helping to start a farm. Unfortunately, we can't afford to provide food and lodging in a straight-across exchange for labor. Your contribution is used not only for your food and ... Read More
  • A bed with: a cotton mat, blanket, sheet, pillow, and a mosquito net.
  • A semi-private room (two people).
  • Three meals a day of Nepali food (usually rice and lentils with vegetables). As much as possible, we use the organic vegetables from our Farm. We will teach you Nepali cooking if you want!
  • Bathing options include an indoor cold and hot shower.
  • As much help booking transportation tickets, tourist information, etc, as ... Read More
      Under construction Read More
From Kathmandu there are many buses heading to Pokhara and any of these buses can take you to Talchowk bus station where it is a five minute bus or taxi ride to Begnastal.

From Pokhara there are many buses from the bus park to Begnastal.  From Begnastal the farm is a 30 minute walk (5 minute taxi ride) up the main road. Make sure to call or email before arriving and ... Read More


Hi all! Ben here, Govinda’s friend from Australia. Govinda asked me to fill you ... Read More

The Earthducation team traveled in Nepal from May 4 through May 6. On 4th ... Read More