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        Arrived on a farm, that is just developing. I’m sure it will get even prettier here, even though the thought, that are only few places of such beauty, was accompanying me during the last days. Right now, on my last night here, I can hear the crickets and maybe a few birds intermixed. It’s a unique charivari, interrupted by Mali’s barking, as it’s her first night in her newly built home.

I have been here for 4 days, but felt heartedly welcomed right from the start.

With Aama (Govinda’s mum) I had some interesting conversations, although we surely didn’t understand all. But that’s how I could add some nepali words to my vocabulary.

The view onto the mountains remained revealed behind curtains of clouds, but like this there is one more reason to come back! Thanks a lot for all, especially for teaching me how to make chapaties!


Mara Anna Lena

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