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I had a great time volunteering at the Mountain View Eco Farm. Working with Govinda was great. I felt lucky to get to learn from his farming experience and knowledge. He showed me Nepali culture from his perspective and shared with me customs, food (I miss it so much already), family life, community, and a first-hand view of a pervasively kind nation. From what he showed me, I fell in love withNepal! He also introduced me to some of the country's treasures, including a close-up experience in the Himalayas that I will never forget. I definitely need to come back again!


It's great to see the progress that the farm has made so far in only a short time. I was very happy helping Govinda towards his cause and hope that many more people can pitch in to bring it to being a fully-functional educational outreach program for the benefit of Nepali farmers all over the country.





Anthony Gedrich (Tony)




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