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My experience at Mountain View Eco Farm was very good. During my stay I did things like peel vegetables for drying or cooking, help to make a tasty fried snack from start to finish, water the plants, plant cabbage, and build trellises for the tomato plants. I learned about organic farming practices and especially about how to prepare excellent food from scratch. Watching Govinda and Chetena I saw how they make vegetable curry (many different kinds, with most vegetables from the farm fields), spinach, dhal soup and rice using the pressure cooker, and chapatti. They encouraged me to try to make everything myself, so I can cook these things at home as well. One night we even made momos, which was a long and interesting process. Only now I know how most of the Nepali food I ate throughout my trip is cooked – before it was a mystery! Another day we prepared mushroom seed to grow, which was also different from anything I had ever seen – boiling the hay and stuffing it with the seeds in plastic bags. I hope many mushrooms grow out of the work we did.

Govinda and Chetena were welcoming and made the biggest effort to help me in every way. The room was comfortable, they provided clean water and tasty food, and the farm itself is well organized. The view from the farm alone makes a trip here worth it. You can see most of the Annapurna Range and the Begnas Lake, and it is a spectacular sight. It is even possible to see monkeys when they try to come eat the farm plants! In summary, I recommend a stay at Mountain View Eco Farm.

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