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I spent three months on Mountain View Eco Farm and was able to see the farm develop so much over that time. I've witnessed the cycle of vegetables in the garden and seen the chickens begin laying eggs. During my stay, Govinda acquired a milking cow and her calf, 30 new chicks, and also converted the farm to solar power. Govinda also began selling his vegetables and seedlings to other members of the community. At MVEF there is always some project in progress, always some new vision coming to fruition.

Apart from the farming Govinda and his wife Chetina offer a taste of authentic Nepalese culture. They live in a traditional Nepalese home and cook delicious traditional Nepalese food. Yet most importantly they embody the Nepali tradition of warm hospitality. Living on MVEF (especially for such an extended time) is truly like being part of a Nepalese family.

During my time volunteering at MVEF I also worked at a local government primary school (Gorakhnath primary) teaching 1st through 4th grade English and Math classes. Despite the language barrier it is so rewarding and fun to get a glimpse into the lives of the Nepalese children I teach.

Staying on MVEF has been a wonderful experience, connecting with a new culture, community, and family. On top of everything else Govinda has also found time to show me around Nepal, taking me to see Lumbini, Bardia National Park, and visiting his family home, as well as helping connect me with a trekking guide to venture to Annapurna Base Camp. I would strongly recommend MVEF to anyone interested in organic farming, authentic Nepalese culture, or who just wants to get away from the touristy parts of Nepal and have a more genuine experience.

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