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          Mountain View Eco-Farm was established with the objective to create an eco-friendly environment and a learning centre for visitors and to set an exemple in terms of organic farming for sustainable and healthy food production. Our board members come from many different countries, as well as our volunteers.

          It is vital for Nepal to learn about, and commit to, organic farming as a route to sustainable food production for the future. Our goal is to establish an organic (eco) farm close to an urban population as an educational and training center, Mountain View Eco Farm (MVEF).


Target Populations


1. Youth - Many young people believe the only path to a good life requires leaving the country for education and work. Organic farming is one way to offer a sustainable lifestyle that benefits our environment and culture, and keeps the best of our young people in our country. MVEF will partner with local school districts to host schools groups and involve children in firsthand educational experience to learn where their food comes from and the possibilities of a career in farming.


2. Farmers - There is need and interest in farmers throughout Nepal to transition to permacultural farming. Teaching courses and being able to show them firsthand the crop yield and quality of food grown at MVEF is the best way to help them begin to shift away from dependence on chemicals and pesticides that harm both people and earth.


3. Visitors and volunteers - Tourism will bring income to help support our project. As we develop the resources required to join the hospitality industry, we will invite foreign visitors and volunteers to lodge at MVEF. Here they can experience traditional Nepalese life, learn about organic farming, and enjoy healthy food at a reasonable cost. This exchange of skills and cultures benefits everyone.



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