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The foundation of the project is the farm itself. It is the classroom as well as the production; it will feed our guests and staff, and bring income as we sell excess produce.

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Eco-tourism contributes to the long term benefits to both the environment and local communities. Eco - tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. It is the shorter version of the term Ecological Tourism. There is no universally accepted definition of ecotourism. In short it involves cultural and bio diversity basically programs that minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism ... Read More
Farmers from all over Nepal will come to our training session a model we know is successful from experience with SADP. We will also contract with local school system to host multiple-day class visits, exposing young Nepalese to the benefits of organic farming for themselves and their country. We hope to be a resource center for students long after their ... Read More
once well established, we will hope to be able to offer room-and-board positions to farmers who otherwise are homeless, giving them a place and purpose and giving MVEF needed assistance.     Read More


Hi all! Ben here, Govinda’s friend from Australia. Govinda asked me to fill you ... Read More

The Earthducation team traveled in Nepal from May 4 through May 6. On 4th ... Read More